Note: Don’t get confused with the Toyota Mirai

The Mirai is the lowest car in existance built by students and teachers of The Automobile Engineering Course of Okayama Sanyo High School in Asakuchi, Japan, on 15 November 2010. The car runs on electric motors. I couldn’t really find any specs on it so i’m just gonna asume this has 300hp and weighs 300kg, which makes it super light. The car goes 0-60 in 4.2s and a top speed of 100mph. Judging for it’s size, it is highly reccomended that you use it for anything other than derby as the specs are mediocre. Along with the other cars I suggested, I want this car to come to the game as it is a quirky little car as well as producing high performance for its size (except for it’s derby attack and defence).

Here are the pictures of the car:

And here are the specs of this car, tell me what you think about them:


Price: 3.25M

Top Speed:100Mph


Handling: 19

Braking: 19

Spoilers: Yes (They have to be small)

Race Class:69(C)

Derby Attack:50

Derby Defence:29

Here are some other cars I suggested, take a look at them and tell me what you think of the car itself and it’s specs:
Red Bull X2010
Gordon Murray Automotive T50
Toyota E-Racer
Ginetta G4
Elemental RP1
Red Bull X2011
2002 Suzuki Hayabusa Sport
Vandal One R
Porsche Mission R
Schuppan 962CR
Praga R1R
Lotus Exige GT3 Concept
Mazda RX-Vision
Factory Five 818
Radical RXC 500R
Tommykaira ZZII
SRT Tomahawk S
Ariel Atom 3.5R
Toyota Sports EV
Baltaser Revolt
Dallara Stradale
Honda Invisus Concept
Porsche 919 Street Concept
Toyota FT-1
Jannarelly Design-1

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Fast car

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the single most unsafe car ever

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A bird flying too low gonna take ur head off at that speed

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A bee will probably destroy your face. It wouldn’t scratch the bone I don’t think but would turn the tissue into hamburger

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Dude the roblox character would prob be sitting like link in the picture xD

I think I made a meme car using fake specs lol

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these were fake?! bruh

He said he couldn’t find official specs in the post and assumed it had 300hp and weighed 300kg. And that wouldn’t be enough to warrant 221mph

After doing some comparisons and research:

  • Realistic dimensions (L x W x H) would probably be around 2,500mm x 2,000mm x 450mm
  • Weight and HP would be accurate but I think the electric motors wouldn’t generate that much (maybe 220hp or 250hp)
  • No way it’d reach 221 mph, 100 mph would be more realistic (considering that’s what the Flatmobile reaches)
  • Acceleration would probably be around the mid 4-second range
  • And handling would probably be great

All that would probably lower the price down to beginner level, possibly in the millions somewhere

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Yea, ill change it

oh didnt notice that

I edited the specs, so It should be realistic

Thanks @STREnergy

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