Red Bull X2011

The Red Bull X2011 is a brother to the Red Bull X2010 which both of them are fictional cars by Polyphony Digital and they are meant to be handling beasts due to the fan in the rear of the cars

This car, compared to the X2010 is faster in a way. This car has almost 5 percent power than the Red Bull X2010, Along with the Ginetta G4, the Red Bull X2010, the Gordon Murray T.50, Toyota E-Racer and the Elemental RP1. I want this to come into Update 34

So here are the pictures of this fictional race beast:

And here are the fictional specs which are similar to the Red Bull X2010, tell me what you think about them:

Price: 70T

Top Speed: 335 MPH

Acceleration: 25

Handling: 32.9

Braking 22.9

Race Class: 110 (X)

Spoilers: No

And here are some of the other cars I suggested, check them out and tell me what you think about the specs and the cars itself:

Vehicle Suggestion: Red Bull X2010

Gordon Murray Automotive T50

Toyota E-Racer

Ginetta G4

Elemental RP1


not bad car

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