Elemental RP1

The Elemental RP1 is a lightweight roadster with supercar-like acceleration and absolutely amazing handling. This car has 320hp while weighing 500KG which shows the handling capabilities of this car, so I really want this car to come along with the Ginetta G4, Red Bull X2010, Toyota E-Racer and the Gordon Murray T.50

Here are the pictures of the car:

And here are the fictional specs of the car:

Price: 25B

Top Speed: 175Mph

Acceleration: 16

Handling: 19.7

Braking 17

(New) Spoilers: Yes

Race Class: 88 (A)

Tell me what you think of the specs and the car itself

Here are the cars I also suggested, check them out and tell me what you think about them

Vehicle Suggestion: Red Bull X2010

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really? 25b? for an a-class race car? i’ll drop it to like 4.3b

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how about 215b (jk its a tank)

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oh and the topspeed makes me drop it to 950m

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bruh so slow

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You might want to look at the Mazda Furai, Costs around the 200B-300B mark and its A-Class

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Most lightweight cars are at average 155Mph, so this is normal for this car (the car’s actual speed is 165 but i think its OK to add an extra 10mph)

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damn slow

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that is in fact the last a-class
and it’s at 150B

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So this makes it (the Elemental RP1) the 2nd last A class car then

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Look at the acceleration, it isn’t slow, that’s like calling the Bac Mono slow

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Bruh the higher the cost doesnt mean good


Good point, listen to him Bois



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This is in game now as a badge car

Not this car

you’re talking about the Magnum MK5

Oh yeah. Its just they kinda look alike