Porsche Mission R (Road Legal Version)

Note: If you search this up, you will get the race version, I am suggesting the road legal rendering so don’t complain that this isn’t the race version

The Porsche Mission R is a road legal rendering of the race version, the car is an EV with 1073Hp maximum while weighing 1500Kg which, for an EV, is amazing, and since the car is a road legal version of a more insane version, it has the same chassis which boasts good handling. Along with the other cars I suggested, I want this car to come to the game as it is amazing and very cool

Here is a picture of this car:

Here are the specs of the car


Price: 370B

Top Speed: 217Mph

Acceleration: 18

Handling: 18.7

Braking 17.5

Spoilers: Yes

Race Class: 96 (S)

(New) Derby Attack:120

(New) Derby Defense:150

Here are some other cars I suggested, take a look at them and tell me what you think of the car itself and it’s specs:

Red Bull X2010

Gordon Murray Automotive T50

Toyota E-Racer

Ginetta G4

Elemental RP1

Red Bull X2011

2002 Suzuki Hayabusa Sport

Vandal One R


Isn’t that a rendering?


Yea, I understand this may not be real, but some cars are fictional



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This car probably wont cost much more than a 911 turbo s (if it is made)


Oh yeah
It’s a Duracell on wheels