Arash AFX

Arash AFX


The Arash AFX is an electric track car made by Arash who made other cars like the AF10. The car uses 2 electric motors placed in the back and has a combined output of 1049Hp while weighing 1100Kg. The car has a top speed of 217Mph while having a 0-60 time of 2.3s. The car has a downforce-focused design which leads to the cornering to be the best out of all electric cars. The attack is extremely amazing and the defence is good. Along with the other cars I suggested, I think it should come because it would challenge cars like the IE, Valkryie, LaFerrari, AMG One, you name it, as well as boasting incredible performance, along with looking good while doing so, being the best Electric track car and making a great addition to the game.


Here are the pictures of the car:


And here are the specs of this car, tell me what you think about them:

Availability: VIP


Price: 460B

Top Speed:217Mph


Handling: 19.2(Best handling EV in Car Crushers 2)

Braking: 16

Spoilers: Yes

Race Class: 98(S)

Derby Attack:102

Derby Defence:90

Weight: 1.10T

Other cars I suggested

Here are some other cars I suggested, take a look at them and tell me what you think of the car itself and it’s specs:
Red Bull X2010
Gordon Murray Automotive T50
Toyota E-Racer
Ginetta G4
Elemental RP1
Red Bull X2011
2002 Suzuki Hayabusa Sport
Vandal One R
Porsche Mission R
Schuppan 962CR
Praga R1R
Lotus Exige GT3 Concept
Mazda RX-Vision
Factory Five 818
Radical RXC 500R
Tommykaira ZZII
SRT Tomahawk S
Ariel Atom 3.5R
Toyota Sports EV
Baltaser Revolt
Dallara Stradale
Honda Invisus Concept
Porsche 919 Street Concept
Toyota FT-1
Jannarelly Design-1
RCR Superlight Coupe
Ligier JS P4
Toyota GR GT3
Subaru STI E-RA Concept
Adamastor P003RL
Innotech Aspiron RSC 800
Toyota MC8
DeLorean DMC-Concept
Honda NSX-R LM Prototype
Ermini Seiottosei
Gordon Murray Automotive T.33
Deronda G400
Red Bull X2010 5G
Honda HSC
Toyota FT-86 G-Sports
Drakan Spyder
Palatov D8
Magnum MK5
Caparo T1 Race Extreme
2020 Czinger 21C
Performance Solutions Mosquito
Aria FXE
Saker Rap X
Picasso PS-01
Yamaha OX-2020

If this is already suggested, like it to increase the chance of it coming into the game!


Very aero

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ok this isnt related to the car or anything at all but i freaked out and got scared for a second because my names Arash in real life lmao

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Lol, what a coincidence

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