66 worst car names of all time - Part 2

In part 1, I covered a multitude of badly named cars, 54 in total, including the following:
Peugeot Bipper
MGA Developments Hotdog
Dodge Scooter
And Kia Habaniro.

In this second part, we’ll be discussing the last 12 cars of the list. Another disambiguation post then be made to put both parts into a junction. Let’s get to it!

55: VinFast President

What the fuck is this? Donald Trump’s Car? Does anybody got a clue?

56: Ferrari F12berlinetta

Not only a sub-editor’s nightmare, but also really quite annoying to write out or type.

57: Chevrolet Chevy II Nova

Chevrolet didn’t do all their research on this one, and the Spanish speaking population had a laugh at their expense. It means “no go” in Spanish.

58: Ford Ka

Ask any non-car person, non-Ford person to describe this. Did they get “awesome and safe hatchback”? Nope.

59: Honda Life Dunk


In 2000, Honda fitted a turbocharger to its already-bizarrely-named Honda Life and created the Honda Life Dunk. Presumably then, Dunk means turbocharged, so the Porsche 911 Turbo should, by rights, be called the Porsche 911 Dunk (lol). Somehow we can’t see Porsche going for this.

60: Toyota TownAce Windy

We have to wonder what other leaves the executives had on hand when they decided this open-topped version of the 1989 Toyota TownAce should be named the “Windy.” Strangely, it never made production.

61: Honda That’s

That’s… what? Incredible? Impressive? Miraculous? We’ll never know, because the good people at Japanese automaker Honda left the title of this weird, boxy-looking family car at simply “That’s.” It’s almost like they wanted people to fill in the rest for them. Like “That’s the car I want!” Actually, we doubt too many people said that in real life. Fortunately, Honda later revealed that the name actually comes from the catchphrase “That’s it!”

62: SEAT Mii

Nobody likes this simulator. Lazy creating, lousy simulation, and an utterly useless “Mii Parade.” Well, no, the SEAT Mii (a version of the oddly-named Volkswagen Up!) is actually fun to drive and aimed at the youth market in Spain. Its terrible advertising, as “Mii” should have been the name of the Škoda Citigo, because a name derived from a boring character simulator? Stupid.

63: Chevrolet SS

“I drive an SS.” “Oh, sweet. Like a Camaro?” “No, dude. An SS.” “What? Like a TrailBlazer?? A Cobalt? HHR? Corvette?” It’s a pretty sweet ride, but the name is self-inflicted brand confusion. Refer to it as Holden Commodore SS and sales will double.

64: Dodge Razor

A cutting edge has clearly never been a strength of Dodge’s product naming department – the 2002 Dodge Razor concept car: a car with uniquely 2 Razor-branded scooters instead of a spare tire, does also sound like it’s coming soon to a hardware store near you. Though it never got past the concept car stage (that’s a shame), the Razor’s iconic front grill from the 1995 Dodge Viper was 2003’s answer to the third-generation Dodge Viper.

65: Honda LaGreat

Apart from its name, there’s nothing even remotely “great” about this Honda minivan. The Honda LaGreat was a passenger van for the Japanese market, which thankfully was renamed to the ‘Honda Odyssey’ by Honda themselves when it was sold in North America.

66: Isuzu Oasis

The Honda Odyssey is a good thing – it’s gas Mileage is fine, design, fine, and technical specifications as a whole, fine, but Isuzu’s version of the Odyssey’s name is…uh…Look, you might want to wash it frequently. Who knows how many dusty oases it’s been in?

And that’s the end of this list. I hope you’ve scrolled through these 66 car names in amusement. Remember, that some bad car names can make cars unique in some way. Have a good time!


What’s wrong with the f12


It’s a sub-editor’s nightmare to write or type out. Just try to type “F12berlinetta”. Quite annoying to type out, no?


Maybe, but Berlinetta to me is just three syllables (berl-in-etta) you gotta pay attention to.

I didn’t mention the “F12” part because that rolls off the tongue well enough to not be a problem.


berlinetta is 4 syllables (ber-lin-e-tta or ber-lin-et-ta is how i’d split it)


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Tf are wrong with these names


Chevy Nova, it translates to “do not go” in Spanish.
VinFast President, for obvious reasons.
Chevy SS, causes confusion.

And more.


So you’re just shitting on cars just becuase it translates to a different word in another language or you do not like?

Anyway who tf will call a camaro ss ss when it’s literally easier to say camaro itself


Doesn’t ss mean super sport?




The car goes doesn’t it?
Maybe it’s named the “president” but I don’t really tie it to a president.
I have no idea how “Chevy SS” is confusing, would that mean “Chiron SS” is also confusing?

(Also just it case, I’m not trying to sound rude, just wondering what the thought process is.)


Stance, You are going way too far with this vehicle naming bullshit.


The model name of the Chevrolet SS is simply “SS,” a model name which can cause utter confusion and delay. This is not the same on the Chiron SS. Bugatti Chiron SS has a different model name, and the SS in this case constitutes the trim level for the Chiron.




I don’t think it’s simple “SS” should mean super sport usually, got any source that says the SS in the name doesn’t mean super sport?


SS can have various meanings. But why the utter confusion with the Chevrolet Super Sport? Well, there are other car trims with the exact nameplate (e.g. Chevrolet Camaro Super Sport, Chevrolet Cobalt Super Sport, etc. etc.).




I would say that’s kinda normal.


However, both trims with the Super Sport nameplate can also be shortened to just Super Sport, and that’s the big issue.