What is the craziest stunt you have seen/done in CC2?

So far my best is a barrel roll followed by a drifting scene. I used some McLaren for that.


unintentional barrel rolls in the thrust and the ford focus
as well as that exr extimo thing i did where i landed on the loop-de-loop (albeit with low grav)


“unintentional” lol

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A pretty boring stunt like using the exo speeder to go ontop of the facility without the rocket booster or smth

I was riding a Tesla Roadster on the wall and then I jumped out of it and landed on this pipe
Has anyone done this?

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a 720 in my N3

i got flung into space with my car and came back down, landed the car and the car didn’t break either

I have

Lol, that sort of thing happens in Roblox Greenville a lot.


I got stuck in a tree three times unintentionally using the ramps.


dead chat

yes :skull: