Update 22 Changelogs

Since for some reason they aren’t posted here already;

Update 22 Changelog:

  • Added 4 new vehicles: Mars Rover, Toyota AE86, Pagani huayra & Porsche Taycan

  • Added new derby map: Launch site

  • Doubled money per part earnings in derby arenas

  • Changed to better energy core music (Closer to the beta music)

  • Added 4 new derby round songs

  • Added 1 new derby win song

  • Remade all vehicle images to use less memory, resulting in a 200MB reduction and less mobile crashing

  • Lowered prices of tokens 1 to 3

  • Adjusted pricepoints of some rims

  • Made upgrades for most heavy vehicles cheaper (Mainly those under 3 tokens)

  • Vehicles that you need to grind money with a lot (Like the sesto elemento and other end vehicles) now cost more to upgrade

  • Made vehicles that have high base performance for their price point cost slightly more to upgrade, to encourage upgrading other vehicles

  • Fixed the map not rendering properly when following into new areas as a passenger

  • Fixed the black hole sometimes not fully absorbing buses and other vehicles

  • Reduced the map clipping and missing road lines (Mostly happened on mobile)

  • Fixed the map going invisible if you zoomed out from one of the 50k part crushers

  • Fixed spare wheels not getting painted from rim paint

  • Fixed the acceleration stat being largely inaccurate when changing drive ratios on a slider that can go to the left

  • Increased the score reward for juggernaut attackers

  • Fixed Rocket Boosters getting permanently unequipped after spawning the vehicle in derby

  • Fixed the vehicle list not being able to scroll all the way down

  • Fixed passengers flying into the air when exiting in water

  • Fixed the interior view of the Koenigsegg Jesko

Changelog originally posted at Discord


Makes me mad bc I had to grind so much for those tokens


yare yare dawa




Bruh this was update 22 I don’t give a fuck




i cant believe updaye 22 released god were soooooooooo


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whens update 22 coming out?

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Tomorrow :cool:

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Please can you give me back my 4 tokens and 125 trillion dollars. I hit respawn, I thought it would happen, I thought it wouldn’t work, but I ended up with nothing left, just 815k parts. I hope you can help me, you can contact me here my discord qwerty5 #1623. I hope for your help!!!

wrong topic also you probably did reset the game

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Your fault kinda so tough luck :/