Suggestions regarding the dirt track race (and future races)

I think we can all agree that the racing system currently has its flaws. So here’s a few ideas to make it better.
Also most of these are aimed towards making the leaderboards more fair by not permitting people to destroy their car as much. Anyway, here goes.

But before anything else, this topic is sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends the dirt track should really be smoothened out, there’s currently too many bumps in it (I have a more detailed suggestion about it here).

Right, so the main thing I want to suggest is the disqualifying system.
The game should automatically disqualify a player, if:

a. they have been on a lap for too long
b. they get out of their car, and
c. if they damage their car too much.

A is self explanatory. If a player has been on Lap x for y seconds, or if their total time is longer than z minutes, then the game automatically kicks them out for taking too long, as there currently isn’t a cap.

B is also self explanatory, however to account for accidental presses of the exit car button you are given 5 seconds to get back in the car.

C will be explained in a moment. But first, I would like to address that gears will be removed from your inventory when entering a race, and will be given back when you finish or leave the race, much like how the rocket booster system works.

Right, so C.

C will be possible by adding HP bars into races like the HP bars in derby. However these ones will be much more harsh, only allowing about 10%-20% of the parts to fall off. To prevent people from taking each other out anyone who rams someone will have their speed locked at 60 km/h for 5 seconds. If they are faster than that speed their brakes will be applied to slow down to that speed and if they are slower than that speed they will stay at their current speed.
To further aid this, there will be ghosting whenever a collision occurs, at the start of the race (the first 5 seconds), and at very slow speeds (under 15 km/h). During this, the person’s car will become slightly transparent and have collision with other cars turned off.

I think that’s all I want to suggest. Lmk what you think.


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