Smoothen the dirt track out

Because I’m kinda sick of being shot all over the place due to the uneven terrain.

There are three main spots where this happens. This is the first one:

This was reported before as a bug (here) so I’ll be brief. Basically, there’s a gap in the dirt road:

Where some cars with low ground clearance will flip, like this:

Here’s the second spot:

This hill isn’t very smooth. Rather, it is quite bumpy, and can throw you off-course, like this:

The third and final spot is here:

Now, I don’t mind the jump. The jump is fine. But the first ramp’s incline is quite bumpy, which can also throw you off-course, like so:

All in all, the dirt track needs a smoothen.



videos only have audio

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Rename it to " Driver School "

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