(spoof idea shower thought) the “ejector” crusher

here’s a really stupid idea I had out of random, what about a springboard crusher that just launches cars into the air?
would work like the canon one in row 4 but instead vertical
the spring pressure goes down for power, then a hole in the roof opens up for launch, and then BOOM! the car gets launched straight upwards flying up into the air (even space potentially) before it comes crashing down to earth. that’s how you earn money and parts from this crusher
also, it would even be powerful enough to launch big cars like the mountain annihilator and tanks too

why you ask? because science that’s why.
plus who wouldn’t wanna launch tanks up into the sky for money?


i love this idea


tbh it came from a shower thought


genius ideas come in the shower

example is archimedes discovered bouyancy when taking a shower

I can finally fall from over 100ft.

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