A firework crusher

ok, so this may be similar to my dumb idea, featured topic
but, why haven’t we tried sending cars into space yet? instead of crashing down to earth the firework carries the car into the air exploding, blowing up the vehicle with it


If you suggest the crusher should explode the car in the air, the building has to extend the height a bit taller. This is a very good idea. But, it may be a bit tricky for the developer to extend the height of the car crushers 2 building. It would be even trickier to launch vehicles in the air as there are lots of common bugs that vehicles would glitch, or one of the pieces would go crazy while they get launched in mid-air. This might be a very hard suggestion for the developer to create. But, thanks for this idea!


Even if the firework rocket will carry the car in the air, it’s still a bit too tricky for the developer to script a firework and send a vehicle into the air. Also, Panwellz doesn’t really like to make new exploding items as it could create a new bug. The firework could possibly glitch the vehicle all over the place in mid-air as well. There’s like… too many bugs that are caused from anything that launches vehicles mid-air. I suggest creating a different suggestion as this topic would be too complicated for Panwellz.


People can suggest what they wish


Maybe not shooting the car into the air, but shooting them at a car is possible


so like a 4th of July style or something else?