[not anymore]

[the video is fucking awful in fucking 144p. and I didn’t even care to fucking bother to see it. am truly a dumbas]

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I dont use discord anymore im being spammed with adult stuff


So turn your DMs off.

Your video is in some awful 480p quality, it’s impossible to read usernames. This is why you don’t use roblox’s built in video recorder to record. The quality will always be absolute garbage. Even if you do report it on discord, it’s not gonna do much. Your evidence barely counts as evidence with that kind of video quality lmao.

Honestly, just ignore it. You can turn off PvP in the destruction facility. Just do that and he won’t be able to bother you with his exploits.

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if you want to support my idea for no hackers, look at my suggestion

i don’t even think you’re allowed to use the Roblox recorder for exploiter reports

Shit. well thanks for telling me i need a new recorder now l0l

i suggest not using roblox recorder