No Tier 2 Vehicle Cooldown

I dove into this in a previous post i made about the batmobile which is tier 2 being super weak and you have to wait a full minute to respawn it after about 20 seconds of gameplay just make all the tanks and stuff like that tier 3 and the other regular vehicles get to stay at tier 2 with no cooldown if you are gonna keep those vehicles weak atleast remove their cooldown it just makes them useless

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are you saying that you should make tier 2 vehicles become the new tier 1 vehicles

Yeah kinda like that like maybe change the names of em shouldnt be too bad its just aggravating to have to deal with a tier 2 2.5 trillion dollar vehicle that gets destroyed in seconds then u gotta wait a minute to respawn it

if you’re going to be so fed up over a single tier 2, it doesn’t mean that the other tier 2s need to get downgraded because one vehicle sucks

Thats not the only one thats just the one that im most mad about cuz its super expensive and the only reason i played was because of that so i also think the rover is super weak same with the dragster why would that even be tier 2 its super fast but not useful for doing any damage i do think the Mahindra is totally fair being tier 2 monster truck doesnt really do much of anything idk why thats tier 2

And its not really a downgrade its an upgrade

tier 2 vehicles are usually vehicles that can give a single easy knockout that would be overpowered for a tier 1, but aren’t good enough for tier 3
good examples of this are the new HyperShock SSV/Bloodhound LSR and the Thrusterspeed SSV/Thrust SSC, and as you mentioned, the Super Mobile/Batmobile
and also tier 2 vehicles can be vehicles with higher defense than normal, and once again, have less defense than a tier 3
good examples of this are (tier 3s) the FT-6 Super Drill, the EB7 Mountain Annihilator, and the TC-497 Overland Train
just because a vehicle is weak doesn’t automatically mean it should become a tier 1 or a free spawnable vehicle, it has much more power than what a tier 1 could possess
these can also have unique gimmicks that can make them more powerful than tier 1s
and one thing: a tier 2 doesn’t need to be good to be tier 2, it just needs to have better stats than a tier 1

For the first half most of the vehicles in tier 2 cant do that the monster truck rover or the batmobile cant do that and all are pretty weak if the monster trucks wheel gets hit like once its just over for it and because its weak it shouldnt be put to a full one minute cooldown just so it can be demolished within 20 seconds and there are other options as i first stated like an durability upgrade to all vehicles or something like that obviously ones that are already strong wouldn’t be severely upgraded but it just sucks to also see some good looking tier 1 vehicles not able to be used in higher up matches like the delorean or the mustang etc.

also, simply because it has a vulnerability doesn’t automatically mean it should get downgraded

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ah yes imagine if you could always spawn in as a dynex in experienced


not if that vulnerability makes it useless in all ways

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firstly thats just a bus secondly there can be exceptions or they could just rebalance it

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so just play in a way where you can counter those vulnerabilities?

I’m just going to be blunt and say that’s a skill issue on your part if you can’t get a single knockout without getting knocked out before you do

I can get a single knockout its not that big of an issue the issue is you grind for those vehicles for a while and get to use it like 2x a match because of the crazy cooldown knockouts arent hard to get in the first place but if there is a vehicle that is supposed to destroy one vehicle and thats it its just useless thats like the entire tier 2 class especially for trillion dollar vehicles that take a long long time to get

you cant if one vehicle hits your wheel and u cant drive anymore its fine on most cars but on batmobile or monster truck if you lose only one wheel its all over

and there was no need for that u were clearly coming off hostile before

also, don’t force yourself to use the vehicles you unlocked

The point is is if there is a vehicle you really like you should be able to use it and do something with it as well as like the batmobile is an expensive vehicle and its basically useless

some of these tier 2 vehicles are meant to be quick and easy kill machines, while also being disposable