Music VC Rules

Ok so we have rules yes, However I do think we need Music VC Rules (That only apply when someone joins and wants to listen to music also, If they just want to listen it won’t count, And if you’re alone they won’t count unless it’s Ear Rape or NSFW)
So anyway I have a few ideas

1- If someone joins the Music VC and they say they want to listen to music/add a song when someone has a queue playing, That person then has to clear the queue to allow sharing the bot.

2- You can’t play a song longer than 10 minutes.

3- You can’t skip anyone’s song (If they have left the VC when it comes on that’s the only time skipping Is available, This should also apply to staff who have the power to skip whatever they wish)

4- No Ear Rape or NSFW songs (This is already a rule but better to add it here to stop confusion)

5- No non songs in the sense of don’t play Youtubers talking about stuff they’re playing cause that isn’t interesting when it’s something that’s supposed to be watched.


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  1. Longer then 10 mins is eh, I know a few songs that are no malt longer then 10mins. So maybe 15
  2. It’s one or the other. We shouldn’t have staff skipping songs when ever they want. Because that would be wrong
  3. Songs with curse words are allowed, but songs that are just NSFW (every new rap song)