Maybe wall mod for forum moderation?

I saw that a lot of wall moderator are not doing a lot of stuff as one said to me, and another one said that is really boring lazy to mention.
But i think it would be a very great idea to make wall moderators able to moderate on the forum, or maybe create forum moderator role i don’t know…It still an opinion to make wall moderators do more stuff i don’t wanna make them suffer of course just thinking it would be cool for them, because wall moderator and forum moderator is like the same job isn’t it ?


this was discussed before, but the mod perms are to much. this could be changed in the future

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Discord mods moderate for here, Wall mods can continue moderating the wall, This is technically for the discord so I don’t think wall mods should have perms here, No offence

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We will take this into consideration, thank you for your suggestion.


should this be closed or something

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