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Chapter 1: The war from a cheese

I want food but there isn’t any. So I going to the grocery store, when I enter the store, I saw an interesting looking cheese. It smells glorious but it is too expensive so I keep a cake shelf to America so when I went back, I saw a cheese on top of your house and became the god of cheese but among us was cringe so he went to the mom’s house and killed my dog for money. Then god came and stomped me. The god gave him a bottle of cheese and it went good, so then I attacked god for committing war crimes then among came to us for cheese baguette why and how did your dog defeat god of cement lol. So I shat on god literally and figuratively so rules of god are broken so E not among them and nonsense is a lie. Capro T1 was god came to me for buying downforce to win the 24 hour Le Mans.


why did you make the same post 3 times

Proudly made by Koni_168 and Ira_Nomas

proudly :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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bruh that’s not even good i killed

:(((( why

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i think ur a great person and that you’re funny but that wasn’t funny

Wrong. I am not funny, i am not a good person. Its normal you dont know but now you know


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you are starting to sound like NotPsyduckc

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Uhhhh ok, i was always this type of person, i just never show it tho. Most times i use ccdiscussion when im bored or just wanna check out some stuff

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so u are NotPsyduckc

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Idk i barely see him

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