How's CCDiscussion going so far?

This is the first discussion topic that you guys are able to discuss and get the hang of how CCDiscussion works. From what has been done so far within CCDiscussion, please take some time and give us feedback for what you’d like to see in the future and what could be changed/added now.

Remember, this is about you. Take some time to answer the following questions:

  • Currently, what are your thoughts on CCDiscussion? Anything you see that you personally like or think can be expanded upon?

  • Is there anything you’d like to see in the future for CCDiscussion? Or things you’d like to change/configure?

  • Lastly, if you were given one wish in the entire world, what would you want? This can range from anything. More details the better! Try using quotes/text formatting. Get a feel for how this works. Cheers!


@TheObliviousReaper It’s going great, I love it! The 10 character limit thing is annoying, but other than that, it’s going great! :smile:


My thoughts so far are, I enjoy this quite a lot, Even though there isn’t much to go off yet since it isn’t released, I believe this will help maintain neatness in the discord server.

I’d like to see an Off Topic section, That way we can have some fun along with all the seriousness and maturity in the other sections, As long as it doesn’t break rules of course. Also add, Add Friend option because I don’t believe that exists yet. Also make an option that allows you to add more people to messages after they’ve been made

I don’t really wish for anything but if I were to wish for something related to the discord I’d want it to stay peaceful pretty much all the time. :hearts: :smiley:


@TheObliviousReaper I personally love the forums so far! It can be improved alot but for being this early in development its phenomenal!


I think that CCDiscussion is very well built as of right now, however a few things I would add are the following:

  • Off topic threads
    Threads for general posts that may not concern CC2.
  • CC2 Gallery
    A Place where people can showcase images from CC2. These can be separated into 2 sub-threads: Game footage and Rendered footage.

For the future of CCDiscussion, I would like the ability to have a Members List, which could sort people by importance to the server, top posts, oldest users, etc.

And finally, all i’d wish for is to be remembered for doing something. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the form of importance to user(s), or if it’s an

‘Inspirational Quote.’
-AnimationSky, November 16th, 2019

You guys did a great job on this, can’t wait until it’s complete! :smile:


That can be fixed. It’s to prevent spam comments or unnecessary posts. I’ll change it to 5 for the time being. And thank you! Glad it’s going well!


@TheObliviousReaper Won’t lie this reminds me of another game I used to play that had a forum, Eventually it had to be closed down due to tragic reasons but this brings back memories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  • This is very nice, it’s simple yet a useful resource for many things.
  • Maybe more additions in general, not sure.
  • I honestly don’t know, possibly just peace for everyone.

Let me know what happened so we can make sure it won’t happen here. Want to make this website as secure as possible and have moderation on top of the line. We are still figuring things out so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


The original creator of the game passed away in an accident that happened, Eventually the game went to bust by being hacked and what not, Hopefully that ain’t gonna happen here, On the plus side though some people who played that game are now recreating it and I can’t wait cause it was a game I played for around 5 years, Same time I joined Roblox, So Honestly can’t wait for the recreation


I love making friends and here and there, but there are people that will like the opposite. If I had one wish it would want to be unable to be hated, but not be popular at the same time I would just rather always be happy than to worry how others feel about me.


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im confused too
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The UI is very clean, me like very much but you COULD do with some banners on the side for posterity and attention grabbing


Take some time to get the hang of it; try quoting what I said here by highlighting my text and pressing “quote”. You can then respond below the quote as I did here.


You should be able to quote what I said above and respond. Not sure what’s going on. If you’re new to forums, I recommend taking some time and doing the tutorial from the bot if you haven’t already. If it still doesn’t work, dm me. Thanks!


Oh I see now, thanks

  1. I really like the layout and colour (my eyes shall not burn)
  2. Not really, I just hope this takes off
  3. I want a burger

Gives burger :hamburger:


Heyo, it’s quite nice! Although I do think we should have a “Lounge” category with 2 subcategories, just like DevForum Full Members (NOT New Members) do:



(Yes, I use light mode for DevForum and Studio. I’m an og, just too hard to get used to a new theme with different colors for things like scripts (syntax is red instead of blue) and so on)