Collision in races without collision

This has happened a few times for me, while i was in the race competitions without pvp, in some tight spaces, i somehow collided with people, ive done this a few times, even with people that are not in a race. You can go around them if you have the space to do it, but im pretty sure its because cc2 has player collision

How to do it
Go in a race, or tell a friend to go in a race, and collide your character with their character

I dont think this has been reported before but alright


In race competitions, it doesn’t matter if your pvp is on or off, the race will sometimes be set with and without pvp on,

In race competitions with over 5 people in it, the races are always set with pvp off by default,
In race competitions with 5 or less people in it, the races are always set with pvp on by default,

That’s intentional.

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Or if you didn’t mean Vehicle against Vehicle but Vehicle against Player, this doesn’t happen only in races, Vehicles are always set to be collideable against Players, and sometimes when either you or the Player has high ping or a lot of lag, the Player can end up stopping the Vehicle, which is not a Car Crushers 2 problem but a Roblox one.