Car suspension (travel not height)

Now i know what you’re thinking “there is already a plan to add this” or “there are topics about this”
HOWEVER i looked into it and what IM talking about is not what others are talking about.

I feel like suspension is too stiff on classic cars. As some of you know classic cars had plush and luxurious suspension until the 90’s and newer cars have stiff suspension but i feel like its all the same in CC2. On classic cars if you BOUNCE the cars will bounce with but in CC2 if you JUMP on the car you don’t even get an inch of suspension travel. So i feel like this should change in the future and go alongside the ability to lift and lower suspension.


The reason i said suspension travel and not height is because there are plans to make it so cars can be adjusted in height but its the stiffness and suspension travel im worried about because classic car’s suspension is supposed to be more plush, coupled with the fact they were the size of Texas earned them the nickname if “land yacht” but the suspension softness isnt plush enough in classic cars hence the reason i posted thus

for me it’s the same anyway