1979 Mercedes C111 IV

NAME: 1979 Mercedes C111-IV (4) Concept

We’ve all (probably not) heard of the C111, a series of gull-winged concept cars with 3 generations that truly showed how innovative Mercedes engineers can be: the I with its many versions, followed by the II once they gave up with the rotary (also with many versions), and then the III where they completely scraped whatever the first 2 were. But what many may not know is that there is also a 4th concept, which looks a lot like something out of a 007 Movie.

The C111-IV, properly named the Rekordwagen, was seemingly made with the desire of breaking records (specifically, the 917-30 TS record of 220 mph around a curved circuit), something that the previous gen was very good at doing. It was absurdly aerodynamic and could hit 250 mph in testing, quite literally a silver arrow.


Exterior (Click to view)



Details about the Engine and subtle Interior views can be seen in the videos below:


  • 48 valve, 4.8l twin turbo V8
  • 4850 cc
  • 500 hp
  • Top speed of 403-404 kph

The 2nd video also shows rare photos of a 5th generation, which was never continued since the project’s plug was pulled in 1980.