1975 Mercedes Dieselstar

NAME: *1975 Fritz B.Busch Mercedes-Benz Dieselstar

So a while back I suggested the C111-IV, and that got me into a spiral of old Merc concept cars and obscure models, with this thing being one of them.

This thing was designed and driven by Fritz B Busch, a German automotive journalist (among many other skills), who one day decided he would break the world record for fastest diesel-powered vehicle for seemingly no reason. Busch used an F2 car as a base, and broke the record in the Ehra-Lessien VW test track, which also forced Busch to use turning and brakes (unlike previous diesel record holders).

The same engine used in this car was also used for the first couple generations of the record-breaking C111 Project, a very interesting story and demonstration of how capable Merc’s engineers were.





There aren’t many interior nor blueprint images of this thing online, so if any come up I’ll update the post later.


Specs i could find
Chassis 1975 F2 chassis w/ aluminum body
Engine Mercedes W115 240 D 3.0
Displacement 2.999l
Layout Mid engine, probably rwd. Depends on the F2 chassis
Output 187 hp
TS 253.7 km/h (157.64 mph)
0-60 5.6s

This is cool and goofy at the same time


Oh boy, wait till i post some of their other stuff

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