WwII/modern firearms in cc2

Firearms in cc2! :

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“like maybe add firearms into cc2 to get that world war vibe feeling or a cop chase or something”

Like maybe a bolt-action/semi-auto riffle for a game pass and maybe a pistol or pdw for like 3-6k credits ingame for users to buy like with simple aiming down sights and recoil maybe

And to use them on other ppl’s car they and you have to have extreme pvp on and make sure to give the passengers the ability to also shoot while the driver is driving it will be alot of fun

Like maybe add a sks riffle for 400 riffle and a pdw like a g36k for like 300 robux and a makarov or any pistol ever and a smg/pdw for ingame credits! (Also im sorry if my english isnt good im not english neither is english my main language


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Plz an ar-15 as well