WW2 era tanks

If there is a way if you guys can make WW2 tanks for me I wold like to see the tiger H1 in the game there is a panzer 3 N so I was wondering if you can make WW2 tanks for the game only some of the WW2 tanks like the shurman M4A4 , panzer 3.M , king tiger , tiger E , panther , leopard if you can add these tanks message me on discord my dis name is Sjay#1593 if you can help me with the tanks and the tanks must be right next to the first ww2 tank that is the panzer III.N I I can provide the tiger H1’s blueprints some game devs do not get the tiger H1’s turret right so here is the pic of its blueprint

and here is the paint I wold like on the tiger H1


im not reading this but derby is unfair enough and i think we have enough tanks

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I mean, more tanks would give some variety

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