Why the f*ck do people not work for their stuff (Angry Rant)

I’ve seen so many people be lazy and buy cash to get ahead, like seriously f*cking work for your tokens and your stuff. someone asked me if they should buy cash and I said, “No that’s for lazy people.” I’m out here, after losing my account still working back up where I was before and these nim rods are out here being lazy and incompetent.

Me when another person buys cash: Guaton Computadora GIF - Guaton Computadora Enojado - Discover & Share GIFs


i saw a person with 0 tokens buy 1t


What a genius.


bruh they just a p2w person and prob bought all the dlcs in sims 4 so don’t get so aggressive over them. also its their money so u cant just go on and completely bully a p2w person

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