Why i like asphalt 8

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  2. In asphalt 8 discord RULES server it had 666 likes xD

  3. New asphalt 8. Airborne+ is coming to apple arcade


Mclaren Elva is sussy baka


Ok, but there is very little substance here, most if not all the reasons stated are mostly just personal preference. When liking something its important to look at the flaws. This game just involves a lot of grinding, many microtransactions, An unbalanced upgrade system, Career mode is literally impossible without paying for microtransactions, Events are mostly an excuse for a cash grab, game is mostly pay to win, Some cars are even named wrong, Some of the cars are lazily made like the Zenvo TS1 GT 10th Anniversary Edition, which looks almost the same as the Zenvo ST1, except it’s in Class S and has a unique paint job as its only selectable color, the Rimac Concept S, a Rimac Concept One with an upgraded battery and aggressive aerodynamics and more cars that are basically the same with minor differences.The AI is not that great, there are many hackers in multiplayer that don’t even get banned, very limited customization, Infected mode is not too well executed; for instance, losing the virus means your vehicle is wrecked immediately, which can then cause you to lose multiple positions, Flawless races are very unfair beyond unforgiving levels. Wreck once, even including going off the map, and you’re out, the Fast Lane Update in February 2019 literally not only increased the upgrade costs for many cars, but also nerfed the Car Mastery rewards (including race payouts) to oblivion, This game literally requires you to wait for so many things in the game. Fuel (used for Events), R&D Proto Keys, EDD Invitations, Championship Tires, World Tour Streaming Passes, so on and so forth. And if you want to skip the wait, you will have to watch ads or pay tokens, Unpredictable and unstable motorcycle physics, Players on Android sometimes have to deal with additional loading screens where the game has to download assets for tracks, As usual, Gameloft does little to nothing to help customers and players of this game, thus making Customer Care useless, Until the 2021 Lunar New Year Update, the player is forced to update their game a few days after the new update drops, which can be overly punishing since Vivendi’s hostile takeover, as updates after the aforementioned takeover only continue to reduce the rewards and increase the costs. As a result, Windows players needed to wait around 37 days to get the 2020 Summer Update since its release on phones. Majority of the recent Festivals (starting with LaFerrari Aperta Festival) have the introducing vehicle as a premium reward, which costs nothing but microtransactions. As you can see, there are many flaws with this game


I made for fun lol u go to far…

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A8 and A9 are P2W silly