Which Track car do you guys want

Most of you picked track cars, so, suggest any Track car of your choice. Like the reply that someone suggested if you like it too!

Also, Cars that are road cars, look like road cars are allowed and lightweight cars with a weight of at least 800-300Kg are also allowed

Aight, since barely anybody knows what is a Track car, its a car built for track days

Requirements for track car:
*Cannot, by any circumstances be a Tank
*Must have a windshield/ must be able to see outside
*Must have Track Elements, like a Flat Floor, Roof Scoop, Spoiler ETC.

Also, homoligation cars from any motorsport is allowed


Lamborghini essenza scv12

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at least 1 aston martin

Not all Aston Martins are track cars tho

yes yes

Praga R1R a track car for the road

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Caparo T1 from Grid Autosport

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sc18 alston

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Good one… for once

R3 t20 fa hs or type 93

911 RSR

I said Track Cars, not tanks

Hey thats my car

What if i said i wanted the ferrari sf1000? Ferrari fans are gonna hate me

Well, that isn’t a road legal car, doesn’t even look like one

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Nah verstappen was driving in his rb12 in la before so…

That… sorta was a publicity stunt (typical Red Bull)

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Btw thats not road legal, it has to be the bt62r to be road legal

Looks road legal enough to count

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