When I Submitted Bugs On This Forum, It Won't Give Me The Pro Crusher Rank

pro crusher, master crusher, bad crusher, testers, developers, contributors, etc Which One?

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I Already Posted A Bug, But No Replies, This Happened Really Rarely, And It Only Happened To Me So If You Want To Check It Out, Click It, Because It Has Never Been Reported Before, And I Can’t Take A Screenshot Or Video Because I Forgot To,

what even is bad crusher

It’s Like When You Are Being Toxic To The Server

You Get Ranked To Bad Crusher

But It Won’t Affect Your Group Title

But Can You Click This, This Bug Never Got Reported Before And Only Happened To Me,
Sorry If There Is No Screenshot Or Video, I Just Missed It

panwellz has to reply to it and say that he ranked you up

Oh Ok

Hope It Does Not Take A Year

nah, it will take more

But How Long?

10 years

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Cmon Bruh

That’s Longer Than I Thought

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also that is not how you get bad crusher, if someone is toxic, all that will happen is that someone will probably report them in roblox.

Bad crushers are people who put scam links in the group

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I Don’t Think That’s A Good Rank To Acheive

Am I Right?