When I Submitted Bugs On This Forum, It Won't Give Me The Pro Crusher Rank

Like When I Had Submitted Bugs, After Waiting For 1 Month, Nothing Happened, My Rank Has Not Changed, It Is Still Skilled Crusher…


The bug has to be fixed and Panwellz must mention you will be ranked up

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But What Are The Chances Of That Happening?

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And In The CC2 Discord Server, I Read The Rules, Don’t Ping Panwellz And Why?

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why do I need to explain to you why you shouldn’t ping him

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Well What Is The Chances Of The Ranking Of Pro Crusher?

i got it

Got What?

pro crusher

What’s Your RBLX Username?

I have it as well



I used to have it
Then I got game tester instead


Thats better :prettycoolngl:

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How Is Game Tester Even Possible?

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Apply for it on the discord server but they are not hiring rn

How Do You Apply For It?

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Read What?