Whats your opinion on modern CC2

Its garbage.

What is happening in this stupid ah game? The chat colors went back to fugly. The new mobile UI is dogcrap, and the events are just copy and paste. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO REDUCE LAG AND IT JUST ADDS MORE F***ING LAG!!!


It was good in 2022 back then
Also its pretty good imo.
I just dont like the chat system and the UI. Hopefully thay add a feature to close the UI or open the UI cause it’ll be useful


Don’t even know what’s wrong with the chat.
Also, I think Pan should focus a bit more on remodelling existing cars like the Veyron, 435i or M3 GTR, and perhaps adding some of the more ordinary cars.
Like, we don’t even have any kind of VW Golf in the game.


I noticed that a good chunk of the extra lag was because of a new rendering system that went in place somewhere around the time of the 2nd floor update. I was gonna bring it up sooner but have forgotten, so thanks for mentioning the lag.

Anyway, does anyone know whats being done about this worse rendering system? Most of the problem is the outside loading in only while outside, and vice-versa for the facility, Re-removing the outside assets just creates more lag.


At least people understand this time lol :joy::joy::joy:

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