We need more hatchbacks

Think about it
the only hatchbacks in game are the honda civic eg the summit kintla the feord focus and the foord focus rs
go make some hatchback topics

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I swear there is more. I think the Honda Civic LX is also the hatchback version.

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a nissan gamecube? (Math Time) image +image

Burn it please. Burn all the cursed looking Nissans. Especially that stupid bug eyed juke thing. And the idiotic convertible murano… know what save the gtr, skyline, and Datsun. Burn all other nissans

the murano is ridiculous, the juke i kinda like

The juke is an ungodly creation that should have never existed. It’s up there with such ugly cars as the aztek and pt cruiser

yeah but…

Well first of all, Datsun is dead. Second of all, the new Juke is actually really cool, and third of all, meet new Nissan Rogue, Nissan Sentra, Nissan 400Z. Oh, and the Skyline is now pretty much an Infiniti Q50.

2020 Nissan Juke Is Every Bit as Weird as Ever
and say that this is bad, because this is not bad

also guys stop hating on the juke or else you will get run over by this sleeper demon at 200 mph Nissan Juke R

I’m talking about the old design

old design

where did everyone go

Well, the best Juke is the NISMO. Change my mind.

At least recommend some more dignified hatchbacks like the Lexus CT

Oh dear jesus a Juke

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