We have plenty of good cars after 1T, but is it really enough?

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    I feel like sparking this debate because after reaching 45 Trillion Money, I soon realized how lacking everything becomes after 1 Trillion.

It makes me sad because there are plenty of cars that are memorable in the 1Trillion and After zone but I do not think we have enough good cars. Some of the best are locked behind VIP and others only have one use.

I want more cars in that zone because I am starting to feel like the game is getting stale and for gods sake I do not want it to be. This game gave me good memories and so did the forums.

I just want the devs, the modelers, and the people who help just for the sake of it to hear this. I hope I am not the only one who thinks this.

As for the people in the replies, I want you to know if you agree with me. Maybe even post whatever vehicle you want and why.

Try not to be mean. I already lost one topic because of it, too.


I mean they are adding more cars into the 4th token range in the past few updates



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