Volvo V70 Pre-Facelift (3rd Gen)

Volvo V70 Pre-Facelift (3rd Gen)

What’s this?
On 2 February 2007, Volvo debuted the third generation for the 2008 model year. Based on the Volvo P3 Platform it shared numerous elements as well as general styling with the second generation Volvo S80. Compared with its predecessor, rear-seat legroom was increased by 2 centimetres (0.79 in) and a revised tailgate design increased the load area volume by 55 L. The V70 was offered for the first time with four- and six-cylinder engines

Why do you want it?
It’s needed in the game because we do not have enough Station Wagons / Estates let alone Volvo’s! There are so many legendary Volvo’s needed in the game and this is one of them.

Ingame Stats - Concept
Price: 400k - 5m (Wild Guess)
Availability: Free (Or Group)
Name: Volma S07

I hope you like this Swedish idea!


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