Vip gamepass broken?

hey dudes. first time on the forum website so sorry if i dont know much abt it. anyway, i bought the vip gamepass for cc2 and when i joined the game, nothing happened. i rejoined multiple times and even cleared my cache, closed firefox, and then rejoined. nothing. can someone please help me with this?

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Check whether you actually bought it in the first place


Wait why is the robux icon the old version

that doesnt matter what do i do now

also look a yt vid on it its o stylish its called roblox in 2016

Show In-game screenshot

Also it’s irrelevant

vip 2

this says nothing

send the ingame gamepass screen shot and DO NOT CROP the picture let us see the time and date. you can blur out the private stuff tho


What’s ur user

What do you mean “nothing happened”? You can’t access other VIP Vehicles?

All I can tell you is that you don’t have the enough money to access those, you are still required to grind in order to access those vehicles.


i didnt get the tag above my head

Open the pop-down button if ever the dealership button is nowhere to be seen, click the settings icon, and scroll down until you find secondary titles

make it so we can see your inventory

wait a second. youre telling me- that i spent the last of my robux… TO GRIND? THEY I HAD ACCESS TO THE CARS. NOT THAT I HAD TO STILL GRIND TO GET THEM.

you get new cars but you have to grind for them because if you automatically unlock all vip cars, then you can just shred the rocket and skip all of the beginner cars