Vehicle details that are just a bit fun (that I want!)

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Detail 1: Semi trucks will squeak and creak as they come to a halt, hissing whenever they make a complete stop.

Detail 2: Semi truck Jackknifes will damage the trailer and the cabin.

Detail 3: creaks from acceleration when a heavy vehicle starts to take off.

Detail 4: Older cars will generate more exhaust fumes.

Detail 5: cars without tires can still go, but slower and less stable. Constant scraping can be heard as well.

Detail 6: cars crashing at high speeds when a heavy object is crushing it will play a harsher tire squeal.

Detail 7: cars will sputter and shut down when in water but electric cars will kill the player when the battery shorts and shocks them.

Detail 8: Jet engines will work harder when damaged before bursting into flames.

Detail 9: airbags when a crash is enough to damage a car too severely.

Detail 10: transmission fluid will leak when someone would respawn a that they crashed a lot. Purely cosmetic.

Detail 11: creaking of metal when car keeps driving after a crash.

Detail 12: Wind damage if a car is going at way too high speeds and it isn’t aerodynamic.

Detail 13: Damaged cars will smoke out of the exhaust way more and electric cars will let off sparks. Purely cosmetic.



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Detail 14: On the license plate of the Reliant Robin, it will say C1rk50n, a reference to Jeremy Clarkson, who drove the Reliant Robin.

Detail 15: On the license plate of the Orius, it will say R3DN4z, a reference to @RedNaz, one of the mods on the forum.

Detail 16: When the caparo T1 gets added, the license plate will say TRB0, a reference to @TurboOnz12, one of the most active users on the forum.

Detail 17: When the Jeep Grand Cherokee gets added, there will be boxing gloves hung up on one of the rear seats.

Detail 18: Whenever in a semi, you can see props left behind by a previous driver such as a burger, those dice you hang up, an air freshener, a pencil, and a tablet.

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actually it says trivnab but ok

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These are details I want in the game

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How about us :(

If I may

Detail 19: When applying a different rim, the weight will either increase or decrease based on how many parts it has

Detail 20: When applying the “Weight Distribution” upgrade, it will increase handling because the weight is reduced

Detail 21: dying in a car will have its horn play constantly

Sorry but how does dying in a car will keep activating horn correlate to us not being able to be a reference in the game lol

CC2 makes OCD people suffer because there are lots of design flaw

Detail 22: When the Lexus LFA finally gets added, there will be a license plate named “TBXDPR0” as a reference to @TBX_dpro, a Lexus LFA enthusiast

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Detail 23: Many vending machines around the map will say “Koni Cola” This is a reference to @Koni_168.
Detail 24: Koni Cola can be bought for 10 Coins. The cola provides a brief speed boost. This can stack with superhuman’s speed boost.
Detail 25: Koni Cola’s lore is kind of complex.
•Supposedly, the drink tastes like blueberries and lemon.
•This soda is packed with sugar
•Zero caffeine but it does contain jet fuel.
•There is half a serving per can
•The company was founded on the island that CC2 takes place and the old Koni Cola plant was reformed into the Car Crushers 2 building. The energy core was originally a stirring vat, Row 1 was a production plant, Row 2 was a bottling zone, Row 3 was a shipping area, and Row 4 was a taste test area to see if the general public might like the soda.
•the stunt park was a parking lot and the airfield was where Koni Cola would be delivered via a Boeing 747, a speed boat, and a helicopter. 2 of those things would be the escape route for the energy core.


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What about the suspended one



That Alex guy u were talking about

oh him

yea idk I think they should choose you cause he was suspended and you aren’t

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Detail: @TBX_dpro’s pfp should be painted on one of his favorite crushers as a reference to him.

(i stop numbering them)

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Uhh I don’t have one