Useful links for easy access - For vehicles if you need them - Specs site credits to @STREnergy - Another specs site credits to @STREnergy - Car images and specs credits to @STREnergy - if you have a bad PC and want run CC2 smoothly credits to @DatBoiDoge1

Car Crushers Roblox Community - link to the discord server

Car Crushers Portal - link to appeal bans for the discord server - link to the wiki

List of things that won't be added in the game - so you know what to not suggest, may be updated over time

Car spawn glitch - If you ever get stuck underground or your vehicle spawns halfway in the ground, It has been reported here already [for people who look at this and wonder if original posts are here for things] - If you ever want to create your own vehicle from scratch

Trello - Make sure to check this before you suggest certain things because it may be here - Not related at the game at all but, Medical website incase your someone who worries about your health a lot - incase your mental health is having a huge effect on your life and you’re thinking thoughts you shouldn’t be


Gonna pin this to make it easier, Send me a PM if you’d like more links added!


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