Tuner fix upgrade+Tachometer

before new big update26 i think just fix a old features like rotary engine sound and block in the rx-7(if add in the future)and rx-8
car performance features like tubrochargers add top speed morethan acceleration
add new components likes single tubrocharger+15km/h twin tubrochargers +40km/h
if replace

with a Tachometer that ll be change they are tied to each different car type like sedan muscle sports super hypercar heavy truck or installed different size of the tubro that ll be easy to know how much power need to make a perfect drift
where is bigblock V8 in the all muscle car and V6 in nissan370z r35 (but i like sounds)
where is i6 in the r33 s15 supra
why s15 rx-8 ford mustang is FWD isn’t RWD
why s15 are ulgy,r33 like r32 and isn’have R Badges and only have 2seat? why s15 r33 ford mustang wheels like a truggy this is the one of all proplem you can find in this game

please clarify?

also what is a tachometer? please describe briefly what it is to me.

a tachometer is something that measures the rpm of an engine

Erm, what r u talking about?

im just as confused as u are because i said (briefly) and im not getting a very good answer

it measures how many revolutions a car engine does in a minute

ok thats better thanks

Electric motors only have one speed so you don’t really need that RPM thing at all.

Perhaps actually instead of a single gauge a small heat meter for moters. ELECTRIC cars are sometimes hard to bring to full speed but When you can manage it and you manage to drive around at full speed for a good 30 seconds then the engine overheats and the motor starts losing power and drags it down to half speed or something