Name: TOG II* Prot (Prototype irl)

  • Engine: Paxman Ricardo 12 cylinder

  • Engine Type: 12 Cylinder

  • Fuel Type: Diesel - Electric

  • Maximum Range: approx. 50 miles (80 km)

  • Engine Layout:

  • Gearbox Codename: n/a

  • Transmission Type: Manual

    • Gear Ratios: Adjustable*
      • Reverse: 7 mph (?? KpH*)
      • Forward: 13 mph (?? KpH*)
    • Final Drive: Adjustable

Performance Figures:

  • Peak Power:
  • Peak Torque:
  • RPM Limit:
  • Power to Weight: 7.5
  • 0-60 mph / 0-97 km/h: (Cant reach allotted speed)
    • 1/4 mile time: (Cant reach)
    • 0-1 km: (Cant reach)
  • Claimed Top Speed: 14 mph
  • Estimated Top Speed: 14 mph


  • Body Style: Wiener Long-body Style
  • Length: 32.81 ft (10 m) Rounded to 33 ft
  • Width: 10.17 ft (3.1 m) Rounded to 10.20 ft
  • Height: 9.84 ft (3 m) Rounded to 10 ft
  • Wheelbase: Tracks
  • Front Tread: Tracks
  • Rear Tread: Tracks
  • Ground Clearance: 0*
  • Curb Weight: *
    • Weight Distribution: 90 tons (81,300 kg; 179,236 lb)
  • Front Tyres: Tracks
  • Rear Tyres: Tracks


  • Tier: 5
  • Tokens: 3
  • Price Range In-Game: 50 billion (pan change if you want)
  • VIP Exclusive: no
  • Group Exclusive: yes

Credit to STREenergy (sry if i type wrong no offence) for the format.

asterisk =* = approximate or needed citations.


can you put some pictures?

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whoops my bad

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I have a dedicated tank format (which I may need to add to)


another whoops its STREnergy sry

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This is the only proper image i can finddownload


Do you watch sharkblox?

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ze hot tog

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yes i do my only roblox news channel

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NAME: (Add in title too) add the tog 2 to the game

PICTURES: TOG stands for ’ The Old Gang ', because it was a committee composed of men involved in the design of the first British tanks of World War I, chief among whom was Sir Albert Stern.

btw its my favorite tank im so happy that it took off

hear are the pikes of the tank 3d module lets get this in the game GB63_TOG_II_preview

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oh can you do one thing can you add on the motile elviy beloved cat see are cat died recently and it wood make me vary happy you don’t need to make it viable from the outside maby put it on the bottom of the tank and it doesn’t have to be big thanks

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revive tha snail