Tips on reporting bugs

1- Always make sure it hasn’t been reported before, You may need to do some digging for this in the search bar, you may one day get lucky and find something unreported, anything reported again will be unlisted and closed.

2- Glitches DO NOT classify as bugs, since a glitch is something you yourself create rather than the game itself, you won’t get pro crusher for these and these will most likely be closed too.

3- Bugs you report may not be good enough for Pro Crusher or in general a big of a deal to be fixed, if you’ve reported a bug and you’ve had no response from Panwellz, He’s either super busy or the bug isn’t a huge deal, do not beg him for ranks or tell him to look at the post multiple times, he will do so when he pleases.

P.s If you believe I’ve missed anything out, Please send me a message and I’ll include it if it seems good enough