The Super Blast and The Minigun revamps

There’s nothing majorly wrong with the crushers themselves but I think they could be a bit better, so here’s what I propose. Mainly just some cosmetic changes really.

For The Super Blast:

  • Remove the conveyor and instead turn it into a rather large platform (should hold two EB7s easily)
  • Make the laser cannon huge, about double its current size at least, although increase the startup time a little bit

For both, replace the crusher gate with a forcefield you can drive through (credits to this).

For the Minigun:

  • Turn the conveyor into a decorative platform because who really uses the conveyor
  • Increase the time between shots (and therefore decrease the RPM) but make the individual shots deal more damage

thats all
stop reading here

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wouldn’t this go in #suggestions:cc2-suggestions


For every single crusher:
Make the entrance size bigger so that the Industrial Bulldozer and similar cars can fit in more easily


well its related to crushers
but maybe


Saying it here because you could add this


normally i see these types of suggestions there so i guess i’ll just move it


I don’t have both so idc

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