The Rickroll

Name: The Rickroll
The crusher contains 2 parts: a conveyor and a slightly dark floor, where there is a table and a computer and mouse on it, and the screen on the computer showing a button and the cursor being placed on it, ready to click. When the crusher is activated, a wall forms between the floor and the conveyor as the button was clicked, leading to a short gif of the song Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Any vehicle and person will explode internally (because they’re rickrolled), resulting in destruction of all parts into thin air. After that, the wall is lifted and the gif reversed back to the button screen. A quick activate button is available and you can only escape the crusher if you’re not on the floor part when the door was closed.
Part Requirement: 500,000 Parts (None on April 1 of every year)


N E V E R G O N N A G I V E Y O U :up:

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like no why would u post this

I don’t think this will ever be added to the game.


u think???

Could replace the Bass blaster music instead of it becoming its own crusher

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how about i can put custom ids on the bass blaster and everyone can hear it

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pepe frog

Isn’t gonna work
Boomboxes got nerfed :cry:

:( no more playing buur thr robux :(

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it wont be added because rickroll is a meme and cc2 is 3% or 5% a meme

cc2 has its on memes ;/

i dont think it has memes since i havent found a single one


also im talking about memes in-game

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i made my own one the russian bulldozer

WHAT THE F- :boom:

not attempting to say the f word but attempting to say fudge (cuz i am scared at bad wirds)

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what if i say fart?l

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