The reward shows up as Day 3 instead of the supposed Day x

Bug Description:
The reward beside the mission says that it is a Day 3 reward instead of the supposed Day as shown below the progress bar. I am unsure if this also applies with the “40Mp Day” and the “Premium Only Reward Day” as well, but if it does, why not put a screenshot of it in the replies as well

I have also noticed this in my friend’s screenshot, which means that this is not just me

even one of the reports here has this but left unnoticed


Reproduction Steps:

  1. Perform a long streak of missions until the mission hub extends its progress bar from 7 (or 10) to something higher than those numbers
  2. Once you get to the “Multiplier Reward Day”, it should show up similar to the ones above

Roblox username:


Big funny

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Wait is there new exclusive car?

No not yet

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Oh ok

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2 3 more days i think

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