The portal

Instructions: Simply write what the crusher is called in the Title, then describe what it does and how it should break the car here in the description.

Title: The portal
Requirements: Premium crushers gamepass
How it works: The vehicle will pass trough a portal facing down, reapping on the other on top of it, eventually making it go very fast. After some time, the portals will disappear and the vehicle will crash on the ground.


Basically a pit witth nothing

a pit without a pit

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When rolling your car into this crusher and the go to the control room, you will have your conveyor controls and then portal controls.
You have two buttons, one that activates the ground portal and one that activates the roof portal, and once you activate both (won’t work if only one portal is spawned) your car will begin to fall infinitely through these portals.
Once your car is falling you can then deactivate either portal to send your car at terminal velocity hitting either the roof or the floor, absolutely destroying the car.
The dimensions of the crusher is mostly tall, and leans more towards being a rectangular shape so it can fit bigger vehicles.
Main concern is the portal themselves and the complexity to get them working properly in roblox game.

Also yes, portal reference :cool:




It creates two connected portals above and below the area the car is placed in and the car repeatedly falls through them, gaining lots of speed until they are both turned off and the car slams into the ground at terminal velocity.