The Missile Launcher

The Missile Launcher.

1 Or Both Of The Walls Have Like 10 Missiles, And There Is A Road To Drive On. But The Further You Go The More Missiles Launch Onto The Road.

The Explosion Range Is Small To Medium, About The Same Or A Little Bit Smaller Than The Rpg’s. Maybe The Road Could Be Destroyable, Meaning Take Damage From The Missiles.

The Driving Platform Could Be A Road Or Bridge Maybe A Bridge Is Better.


The missile Shooter. So you drive your car into the crusher and there is a wall of missiles in front of you. You get out and go onto the control panel. You hit the FIRE button. The crusher door closes, the countdown starts, and BOOM! The missiles Launch. I think this definitely should be added to the game and be considered. Please like and reply if you want to get it in the game.


computer is gonna die

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