The Final Battle between @Alanzcool and @Koni_168

Most damaged vehicle wins.

Vehicle: VGT

Deadline: February 1st

As i’m leaving the forums, i would like this to be the last thing i post as a goodbye to everyone. (excluding replies)

If both of us finished before 29th then we go on to fight 2 because im bored lol


The thing was so wobbly I had to keep all 4 wheels on


So whats the 2nd car

mine glitched out so hard the thing broke instantly after i took the pics

Nice break you taking

is that sarcasm

No, didn’t you make a post that you said you where going to take a break?

Here the link

it sounds like “nice break u taking, why u still reply”

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Because you say your going on a break yet you not

tbh ur right this is stupid @moderators ban me and make the ban reason “smelly poo poos”

Ok enough with the pls ban me get it on

can you actually stop saying “ban me because I’m stupid”

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also, keep it up and I won’t give you a ban, but rather a mute for you to suffer

v6wnrsb 一一

Ok @Koni_168 come back here and give me ur entry

hihi im back
i forgot which car again?

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