Telefrag Machine

Instructions: Simply write what the crusher is called in the Title, then describe what it does and how it should break the car here in the description.

This crusher is unique as it has two different rooms. One room contains a stone block that is the size of a semi truck and the other contains a target and a teleporter.

Here is how it works.

Just put your car onto the target and go into the observation room. There, you have an option to activate the teleporter.

Once the teleporter is activated, it will charge up, flashing green and blue light bright enough to light up the room. Once the teleporter finally activates, the car is sent into the other room… at the exact destination of the stone slab.

What is going to happen? Well, the car will get put into the slab and get quartered, exploded, and set alight due to a scientific phenomenon known as telefragging. The stone literally prevented its destination from happening, thus causing multiple parts on the car to appear where they shouldn’t be, like tires replacing the engine, the drivers seat replacing the car hood, and the car’s ability to run being completely gone.

If one is to teleport themselves though, they will be met with a gruesome fate. Instead of going into a ragdoll like the other crushers, they will instead be torn to pieces almost immediately, giving them a painless though terrifying and gruesome death.

There is a secret to this crusher…

If the core begins to meltdown and one were to use it, they could have a chance to escape from the blast as they are teleported to safety near the boat or helicopter. Though this might be rare, for one might get teleported into the void or directly onto someone’s head…