Tank suggestion: The Big Wind

Crusher suggestion: The Big Wind

The Big Wind is Firefighter tank mixed between a T-34 Tank Chassis and 2 MiG 21 jet engines (770 mph wind) that shoots 8,000 gallons of water per minute. You can probably use the water cannons to destroy other vehicles in derby.

Costs: 1.8B

Tokens: 4


pictures of the big wind measured by a regular human


a crusher suggestion that’s in normal suggestions but has specs suggesting its a vehicle suggestion

which is it


holy this is probably the greatest crusher suggestion I’ve ever seen.

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I would assume that it should be in #suggestions:vehicle-suggestions considering it has specs for price and tokens so I’m just gonna move it there (unless if the author of the topic wants it to be moved elsewhere)

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Only problem is that this has already been suggested here

(not moving this until the author of this topic replies)

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actually no make this a vehicle