Stunt Champion Completion Guide

Welcome to the Stunt Champion Completion Guide!
This is a guide that will try to help you complete the “Stunt Champion” challenge without a booster.

:warning: DISCLAIMER: :warning:
There may be more useful, cheaper, or easier cars to do this challenge with, feel free to comment any improvements or alternative vehicles you have.

Task 1-4:
“Sports Car” and “Compact” tasks.
For task 1-4 I’d recommend using the Nissan Juke R as it is classified as “Sports car” and “Compact”, therefore saving you credits. It is also by far the best car for the “Compact” category.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-19 um 16.32.08

If you do not own this car, I would recommend using any other quick vehicles from the “Sports Car” category for task 1&2. I personally used the Nissan 370z Nismo at max tuning, as it is reasonably fast and has cheap air thrusters.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-19 um 16.32.02

For task 3&4 you are probably best off using the Volkswagen Beetle R Line at max tuning if you dont own the Juke R.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-19 um 16.31.46

Task 1:

Drive outside of row 1, turn left before the tunnel and try to pick up as much speed as possible. Once you are at the Stunt Park drive left Between the yellow-white barrier and the palm trees onto the big ramp.
Press and hold S as soon as you are in the air.

Task 2:
If you are using the Nissan Juke I would recommend doing task 3 first.

If you are not, drive outside of row 4 and into the stunt park. Drive up to the ramp in the middle as shown in the picture as fast as you can (If you are fast enough this should give you 2 front flips). Then continue by driving back and forth the 2 bigger ramps as shown in the picture. Pick up enough speed to make a front flip though.

Task 3:

Do the same thing as in Task 1, except for holding W after takeoff this time.

If you are using the Nissan Juke you can now just drive back and forth between the 2 ramps shown in the picture as long as you have enough speed for a front flip.

Task 4:

Same as task 3 with the Juke, except you now want to hold A or D mid air instead.

Task 5:

For Task 5 I personally used the Inferno Monster Truck, but you can also use the Folstak Monster Truck instead as it has cheaper air controls.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-19 um 16.37.03
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-19 um 16.37.29

For this task drive outside of row 3, ride up the small mountain and drive off the ramp before holding W, then repeat. This should easily give you 3 front flips.

Task 6&7:
For these two I used the Bugatti EB110, as it has cheap air controls and decent accelaration, but you can just as easily use every other supercar with similar or better acceleration
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-19 um 16.32.33

Task 6:

Repeat task 1, but hold S or D instead

Task 7:

Repeat task 2/3 as with the Juke until you have 8 back flips.
This might take several attempts so hang in there.

:warning: NOTE: :warning:
I recommend restarting if you dont get 3 backflips in the first jump.

If you completed that you have done the challenge! Enjoy your new Maserati.


Thank you for this post some people are able to complete this challenge now


main problem for some of these is that not everyone has juke
and most people don’t have the eb110


I have juke but not eb110

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I tried to give accessible alternatives for all of these

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O I forgot to say that almost every other supercar with similar or better acceleration works too

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oh i didn’t see the alternates for the juke mb


This is the most torture car to get

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Yes without air truster gamepass or credit

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I have tried for several hours but I just can’t seem to complete task 5, failing the second or third time.
Can you please give me some more detailed information on the operation of the vehicle? (I would be happy to have a video or something).
(This may be unnatural because I used a translator)

Use miata and Eb110 or Saleen s7

Only vehicles of category “Special” can be used

Sorry for the late reply

You seem to be right, I have tried several times and weirdly this is no longer working.

I will try to find a new way to do this just give me a day or two.

Thanks for letting me know!

tl;dr: just use decent vehicles for the mission