Stickers on cars? (Also maybe a crowbar update)

This could be a cool idea. Maybe you could unlock various stickers, and then apply them on your cars. I just thought that stickers would be cool.

Also maybe a crowbar update, so the destruction with the crowbar could feel more satisfying.


it may be in update 21?


Those would be cool to add on to the Customisation update.


why would they do that? btw its just a guess

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I dont think car crushers would add that kind of sticker u know ;d


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Hi it would be cool to add in the game an editor of sticker with maximum of tools, there would be a “search” page and with credits, you buy a sticker and the creator of the stickers got credits, example, i created a sticker on a car for 150 (you can change prices) and if someone buy the sticker, you will get a notification in-game and you earn the 150 credits that’s a pretty good idea ?

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As in designs like flames, stripes, et cetera onto a car. “Stickers” for lack of a better word.