Stats from our beginnings to today

So since it’s been close to 5 months now (and the signup of 1000 users) I figured it was time for this.

A total of 2256 topics were created at the time of publishing this (including this one).
There were 1016 total signups at the time of this publishing, but only 942 of those accounts are activated/remain. 95% of deleted accounts were due to the account not being activated within 14 days.

Out of those 942 accounts, 396 of them signed in with google, 323 signed in with discord, and only 41 signed in with twitter (the facebook thing is only there because i was planning on an instagram signin but apparently it’s not supported anymore).

The highest quality user (surprisingly) is @AnimationSky
@Chloe has received the most likes and (unsurprisingly) @Stuwe has given the most likes

The amount of stupid PMs i’ve gotten is somehow zero.

@Chloe has read the most posts of any member here (and has also made the most posts, with @Stuwe close behind)

Unsurprisingly I have the oldest user account on this forum.

“Capybara” has had the most searches on our forum, with “tesla” having the highest clickthrough rate at 100%

And amazingly out of all of our users, only 48 of them actually read the guidelines lol.

I might do another one of these at 2000 users, but I don’t know yet

This was compiled with the help of Citadel - A project I have been working on.